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Catalan illustrator and muralist,

It is characterized by the ability to integrate into all types of environments, supports and records, capturing the essence of each project.

Her figurative and expressive style,

stands out in each illustration

transmitting diverse sensations with each work.

aRaL she creates murals with acrylic paint to respect



She expresses the simple things in life as how extraordinary and valuable they are: roots, nature, people, values...

lara gombau 2020



Drawing and painting has been her passion since she was very little.

Its academic base has been quite varied. He has studied in different art centers, highlighting: Esardi (Amposta), Llotja school (Barcelona), and the Woman's school (Barcelona), and in various aspects of art: graphic design, illustration and graffiti, having had the pleasure

to be a student of artists such as Ignasi Blanc, Roger Olmos and Lily Brick.


As an illustrator she has participated in individual and group exhibitions, in some American galleries such as the Benjamin Peter Gallery,

and in many places around Spain, which include: Craft Center of Catalonia, the Proa Espais Publishing House, Levante Erotic Hall, Mitte Gallery, Aktivitat Gallery ...


As a muralist there are several festivals where he has been able to make his mark: Paint Jam by Secret Walls, Femmgraff by Bocanord, No Callo at the Arnau Gallery Theater, Mientras vivas vibras of Encuentro Paredes, National Graffiti League, MOVIC, Pista Negra,

Bloom Art Festival, Esperanzah Festival, Torrefarrera Street Art Festival, Camden Bló, Alaquas Art Urbà Award... and mural workshops with children of various ages such as Pista Negra, IE Daniel Magrané, Escola Poveda... and mural workshops with adults such as "Persianes amb ànima" from Grup Atra.

Other large-scale mural works developed for individuals or organizations include, for example: “Menders of a small village” (“Remendadores d’un poble menut”) which can be enjoyed in Les Cases d'Alcanar.


aRaL's work is often developed across the boundaries between different art disciplines, so he has developed projects for clients as varied as:

Creu Roja, Magles Magazine, book "Cabòries des d'una galàxia ben llunyana", MOVIC...

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